size S top asymmetrical white Summer linen off AS4wg

size S top asymmetrical white Summer linen off AS4wg size S top asymmetrical white Summer linen off AS4wg size S top asymmetrical white Summer linen off AS4wg size S top asymmetrical white Summer linen off AS4wg
top size asymmetrical white S linen off Summer


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top Summer linen size white S off asymmetrical
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On you have opportunity to purchase Zuza Bart's knitwear in special prices.

Items we offer here are at least 50% discounted.

Feminine off white linen top, S size.


length back in the center: 80 cm

bust circumference: 92 cm

Zuza Bart is a small, family-run company with a nearly 20-year history. All new models start from a single thread and each stage is supervised by the designer, which guarantees outstanding quality. Knitting is a very difficult and time-consuming process and Zuzanna Bartecka trusts only in vintage, manual knitting machines. No other machines can cope with such a demanding yarn as linen, which is particularly difficult to process, to deliver the desired outcome. This is what makes Zuza Bart collections so unique - the complex manufacturing process that nevertheless offers great possibilities of shaping knitwear.

Zuza Bart started experimenting with linen when it was still practically unheard of to use linen for knitwear. No other yarn offers such possibilities of forming and accentuating shape. No other yarn gains refinement as it is worn, washed and exposed to sunlight. Linen adapts itself to the bodyline and can be worn in summer to keep you cool and in winter when it keeps your body warm.

On Etsy you'll find our unique models that aren't available in regular production. What we offer you here are funky, "only one" items.

This also means that we offer models as they are seen on photos- we do not have other colours, sizes or fabrics.

How it works:

1. You're finding what you love and what suits you perfectly.

2. You're wearing it proudly being sure no one else has the same piece as you have.

Our clothes are designed for women who want to be noticed, who want to be seen, who appretiate natural fabrics and quirky style.